Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


The Ride

(Jetset Records, TWA39CD) (US) (CD)

  1. Open the Gates (2:28)
  2. I Met Her in the Candy Store (7:39)
  3. Sea Manta (5:00)
  4. Lone Star Samba (6:02)
  5. In Anticipation of (1:40)
  6. The Day (4:48)
  7. Identifying the Body (4:29)
  8. The Last Transmission (1:41)
  9. The Ride Pt. 1 (4:12)
  10. The ride Pt. 2 (5:36)

All words and music by Josh McKay, except track 6, by Haco

Josh McKay: music, voice, words
Mischo McKay: drums (1, 6, 7)
Haco: voice, voice effects, howling pot (6)
Orenda Fink: voice (7)
Chris Bishop: percussion (2, 4)
Samantha Thomas: voice (4)
Emperor Moth (Tim Hankins, Chris Barber, Josh McKay and Mischo McKay): sampled on (7)

Produced by Josh McKay
Recorded at various homes and studios by Andy LeMaster, Chris Bishop, Andy Baker, David Barbe, Haco, Jim Briggs, Chris Grehan, Jay Nackashi, Brian Causey, Tim Hankins and Josh McKay
Mixed by Andy LeMaster and Josh McKay at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, except track 4, by Chris Bishop and Josh McKay at Radium Recording in Athens
Mastered by Glenn Schick in Atlanta
Photography by Josh McKay
Layout by Chris Bilheimer

Released January 2002