Improvised Music from Japan / Discography
Werner Lüdi


(Intakt, CD 051) (CD)

  1. Crossing the Boundaries of Affection (32:32)
  2. Mitsubachiwo osoreru hanani miwa naranu (24:13)

  1. Ki West Zürich
    Werner Lüdi: baritone sax
    William Parker: double bass
    Shoji Hano: drums
    Recorded at Radio Studio SF DRS in Zürich by Martin Pearson on November 14, 1995

  2. Ki East Tokyo
    Werner Lüdi: alto sax, baritone sax
    Tetsu Yamauchi: electric bass
    Shoji Hano: drums
    Recorded at Shinjuku Pit Inn in Tokyo by Tsutomu Suto on April 20, 1996

Mastered by Martin Pearson
Design by Felix Humm
Caligraphy by Mika Ito
Phtography by Raffaele Garssi-Hidalgo
Produced by Intakt Records

Includes liner notes by Werner Lüdi in Germany, Japanese (translation by Mika Ito), and English (translation by Andrea Lerner)

Released 1998