Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


Ad Nauseam

(Banned Production, USA) (3-audiocassette set)

Tape 1: Edition Mikawa

Side A:
Abrasive 1
Abrasive 2

Side B:
Abrasive 3

Tape 2: Edition Kosakai

Side A:
Grind Goddess

Side B:
Into Another's Doom's Pain

Tape 3: Edition Live

Side A:
Live at Yaneura II, Tokyo 931031

Side B:
Live at Show Boat, Tokyo 940411

T. Mikawa
F. Kosakai

All source material by Incapacitants
The same source material was used on tapes 1 and 2.

Edited and mixed by T. Mikawa (tapes 1 and 3), and F. Kosakai (tape 2)
Design, production, and concept: Valerie Sioux and AMK

The three cassette tapes are packaged in a special cloth holder, with three pockets, which folds in three.