Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


Stupid Is Stupid

(Sound for Consciousness Rape, France, S.F.C.R. 027) (2-audiocassette set)

Tape 1: Studio material

Side A:

  1. Stupid Is Stupid
  2. Don't Sleep While We Explain

Side B:

  1. Even Stupid Can Be Director

Tape 2: Live material

Side A:

  1. Live at 20000V, Koenji - Tokyo, Nov. 3rd 1991

Side B:

  1. Live at 20000V, Koenji -Tokyo, Feb. 27th 1992

Incapacitants: T. Mikawa and F. Kosakai

Includes a wire-mesh-covered booklet with cartoons and a short history of Incapacitants, titled "The Incapacitants Data File," illustrated and written by T. Sakaguchi; and photographs of Incapacitants.

Released 1993