Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yurihito Watanabe

Mille Comédies--Le Double Inaudible: Music for Three Installations

(Airplane Label, AP1015) (Japan) (CD)

Mille Comédies--L'Épuisé (for David Toop)

  1. L'Épuisé-I (15:00)
  2. L'Épuisé-II (9:43)
  3. L'Épuisé-III (11:22)

Music for the exhibition "Radical Fassion" at Victoria & Albert Museum, London, October 2001-January 2002

For Diaries for "The Door Practice"

  1. Summer Solstice (5:00)
  2. Autumnal Equinox (6:25)
  3. Winter Solstice (5:39)
  4. Spring Equinox (3:51)

Music for the installation "The Door Practice" by Mariko es at Kai/zen, Tokyo, September 2001
Mariko Sugano and Yurihito Watanabe: narration (4-7)
Asako Moriya: narration (4)
Shinichiro Yamazaki: guitar (6)

En Marginalité des Mille Comédies

  1. .....fragment (13:01)

Music for an installation by Takahiko Suzuki at Kai/zen, Tokyo, May 2001 and the exhibition "Ju-jikan" (Ten Hours of Sound from Japan) at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, September 2001

Compositions, texts, and performances by Yurihito Watanabe
Produced by Jun Kawabata
Recorded and mixed at Va Oultre, May-August 2001
Mastered by Hiromichi Takiguchi at JVC Mastering Center
Cover art by Mariko Sugano
Design by Yurihito Watanabe
Photos by Mariko es and Takahiko Suzuki

Released in 2003