Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


No Progress: Dedicated to Takuya "Synapse" Sakaguchi

(Alchemy, Japan, ARCD-070) (CD)

  1. Long Awaited (23:42)
  2. Fallen Banker (9:29)
  3. Inverted Yield Curve (11:14)
  4. Libra Was Dead. Since Then, He Has Gone to Morgan Stanley (5:03)
  5. BIS Conspiracy (23:58)

Track 1: Originally released on Project Pallo '85 (Pariah Tapes PT-5)
Track 2: Originally released on Hard Drugs (Nux Organization NUX-12)
Tracks 3: Originally released on Freudwerk / Incapacitants split 7" EP (Freudwerk 02)
Track 4: Originally titled "Libra Will Be Dead" (unreleased)
Track 5: New material

Tracks 1-4 remixed by T. Mikawa
Includes liner notes in Japanese by T. Mikawa