Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


Hanauta Hajime

(Bridge Inc., EGDS-59) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Biro-Biro (4:39)
  2. With Viruses (2:20)
  3. Humming Soon (4:48)
  4. Slipshot Orbit (3:18)
  5. Waste of Inspiration (3:04)
  6. Some Summer I Will Become a Skeleton (3:15)
  7. The Hunch (4:08)
  8. Great Conductor 1 (1:27)
  9. Hum Together (2:33)
  10. Potlatch Paradise (3:24)
  11. Great Conductor 2 (1:29)
  12. Great Conductor 3 (1:16)
  13. Ecstatic Hum (4:36)
  14. Anna Pahlar (2:21)

All words by Koichi Makigami, except track 14, by Freeman Mita
Music by Koichi Makigami (1), Masami Sakaide (2, 4-7, 13), Kazuhiro Nomoto (3), and Otomo Yoshihide and Hikasu (8, 11, 12), and Freeman Mita (9, 10, 14)
All arrangements by Hikasu

Koichi Makigami: vocals, trumpet, cornet
Freeman Mita: vocal (14), guitars
Makoto Inoue: keyboards
Masami Sakaide: bass, keyboards, chorus
Kazuhiro Nomoto: saxophone, bass clarinet, chorus
Tsunoken: drums, percussion, chrous

Aki Takase: piano (1, 3)

Recorded by Matt Hartl, except track 14, by Alex Kröpfl
Mixed by Matt Hartl
Additional overdubs by Alex Kröpfl
Computer operation by Keitaro Terasaki
Recorded and mixed at Hansa Tonstudios, Berlin
Remastered for the re-issue by Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering
Produced by Hikasu
Co-produced by Masami Yoshida and Atsushi Sumiya
Art direction by Taro Manabe
Cover photo and calligraphy by Nobuyoshi Araki
Design by Yoshiyuki Seki
Illustration by Taro Manabe
Includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics in Japanese; and an insert with liner notes by Koichi Makigami in Japanese

Released in December 2011
Originally released in 1991 as a CD on Vap (VPCC-80430)