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Filament / 29092000
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-SAT-03) 2001, 2,000 yen
AMOEBiC's first CD release in two years is the first live album by Filament, the duo project of Sachiko M and Otomo Yoshihide, which was formed as a persistent laboratory of memory-free, post-sampling music. It includes their entire performance at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall on September 29, 2000, which earned high praise in the music world.

"People listening to this CD for the first time may have trouble accepting the fact that this was a live performance before a large audience, so powerfully stoic is Filament's music." (from the liner notes of the CD)

Steve Beresford/ The Bath of Surprise (Re-release as CD)
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-VA-03) 1999, 2,500 yen
London, 1978: the trumpet blast in the bath changes the course of avant-garde history. Later artists such as Stock, Hausen & Walkman and Yoshihide Otomo were greatly influenced by this dandy, pioneer independent, and laid-back improviser of the London avant-garde. This is the first-ever CD version of the album, only 500 of which were released.

Okura, Masahiko, Günter Müller, Taku Sugimoto, and Yoshihide Otomo/ Metal Tastes like Orange. Secret Recordings 1
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-VA-04) 1999, 2500 yen
New pioneers of improvised music, listen up! This is the first album of the Secret Recordings Series, which came out of Günter Müller's 1998 secret recordings in Tokyo, as did the highly praised CD Filament 2, released in Switzerland. An ensemble of reverberations emanating from the broad expanse of space and time.

Sachiko M/ Sine wave solo
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-SAT-01) 1999, 2,000 yen
The outer limits of hearing! Memory Zero. A post-sampling sampler solo using digital sine waves. The long-awaited first album with Sachiko M as leader.

Martin Tétreault, Sachiko M, Yasuhiro Otani, and Yoshihide Otomo/ Four Focuses
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-SAT-02) 1999, 2,500 yen
Along with Martin Tetreault of Canada--wizard of the record needle and creator of the onkyo-ha turntable--sampler player Sachiko M, computer musician Yasuhiro Otani, and turntable player Yoshihide Otomo face off their unique sounds in a historic collaboration. This was a milestone performance for the four musicians, each of whom subsequently moved on to new areas of expression. The venue was the '97 International New Music Festival in Sapporo.

V.A/ Turntable Solos
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-VA-01) 1999, 2,500
The world's first compilation of previously unreleased solos by turntable players from various countries, including turntable pioneer Christian Marclay. A must item for DJs in the 21st century!

GROUND ZERO/ Last Concert
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-VA-02) 1999, 2,500 yen
Just before their breakup, Ground Zero drastically changed direction. This is a comprehensive recording of their final live performance--the only one with their new membership and staging.

I.S.O./ Gravity Clock
(Japan, AMOEBiC, AMO-ISO-01) 1998, 2,500 yen
The long-awaited first album of electronics unit I.S.O., featuring Yoshimitsu Ichiraku, the subliminal drummer from Yamaguchi; sampler player Sachiko M; and Yoshihide Otomo.

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