Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Against 2008: Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival

(Deterra, deterra 002) (Japan) (DVD)

DVD: NTSC, region free, 10 chapters, total time: 76:01

  1. Magnet Dub Trio
  2. Kappa and Denshitakujo Ongakudan
  3. Soul Kyodai
  4. Joel Stern and Anthony Guerra
  5. Zeroreality
  6. Jazkamer and Government Alpha
  7. Tekikoku Ongaku
  8. Tekikoku Ongaku and Mani Neumeier
  9. Justice Yeldham
  10. Hijokaidan

Photography by Kaz Tsurudome (4:57)
Hijokaidan (movie) by Kaz Tsurudome (0:36)

Shot and recorded with a single camera at Graf, Fukuoka, February 10, 2008
Video and editing by Yumi Sonoda
Additional post-production by Martyn Taylor
Photos by Kaz Tsurudome
Artwork by Calamari Inc.
Additional audio by Ulrich Petereit
Against 2008: Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival was produced by Shayne Bowden and Fumiwo Iwamoto.

Released in June 2011