Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Peter Brötzmann

Dare Devil

(DIW, DIW-857) (CD)

  1. Dare Devil (9:23)
  2. We Must Be Slow (20:04)
  3. Street Corner College (11:10)
  4. Boxers Hit Harder When Women Are Around (17:54)
  5. We May All Go Home Now (7:14)

Peter Brötzmann: tarogato, bass clarinet, tenor sax
Shoji Hano: drums, percussion
Tetsu Yamauchi: electric bass
Haruhiko Gotsu: guitar

Produced by Shoji Hano
Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit-Inn, Tokyo on October 9, 1991
Recorded and mastered by Tsutomu Suto
Photography: Kenn Michael and Monshiro Iriyoshi
Design: Peter Brötzmann and Shoji Hano
Includes liner notes in Japanese by Toshihiko Shimizu

Released 1992