Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Peter Brötzmann
Keiji Haino
Shoji Hano


(DIW) (CD)

  1. Shadows Part 1 (25:25)
  2. Shadows Part 2 (7:21)
  3. Shadows Part 3 (12:49)
  4. A Silhouette (9:17)
  5. Encore (2:01)

All music by Peter Brötzmann and Shoji Hano

Peter Brötzmann: tarogato, e-flat clarinet, tenor sax
Keiji Haino: electric guitar, voice
Shoji Hano: drums, bamboo horn

Produced by Shoji Hano
Recorded live at Schlachthof Wels in Wels, Austria on March 31, 2000
Mastered by Junji Koizumi at Bunkamura Studios on June 21, 2000
Cover art and concept: Peter Brötzmann and Shoji Hano
Includes liner notes by Shoji Hano in Japanese and English (English translation: Yoshiyuki Suzuki and Cathy Fishman)

Released September 2000