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Liner Notes of Otomo Yoshihide's CD Guitar Solo

By Otomo Yoshihide

When I was playing "Lonely Woman," there was a faint whirring sound, and a small dot crossed my field of vision. At that moment, I heard a low boom coming from the PA. It was the sound of a ladybug landing on the main mike. Strange--this was October, the time of year when insects die out. In Japan, people say the spirits of the dead return as moths. But what about ladybugs? Maybe it had survived due to this year's unusually hot weather. Perhaps, unable to endure the guitar amp vibration, it had simply flown down from the ceiling towards the shining microphone. Since I was lucky enough to get the sound, I decided to put it in just as it was. So "Lonely Woman" is the only track that's a duo rather than a solo.

(Translated by Cathy Fishman)