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You Should Prepare to Survive through Even Anything Happens

(Doubtmusic, dmf-137) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Want to Head Back
  2. Keep on Fighting
  3. Look over Here from the Other Side
  4. Showa Blues [Michio Yamagami/Masaru Sato]

Keiji Haino: vocal, guitar, blues harp
Mitsuru Nasuno: bass
Yoshimitsu Ichiraku: drums

Recorded by Yoshiaki Kondoh at GOK Sound, July and August 2010
Mixed and mastered by Yoshiaki Kondoh at GOK Sound
No overdubs or edits
Photo by Ritsuko Sakata
Cover design by Takuya Kitamura
Produced by Seijaku and Jun Numata

Released in October 2010