Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Liner Notes of the CD Michael Graeve/Toshiya Tsunoda

For the purposes of this release, we adopted some word combinations like "division and unity" or "whole and parts" as initial themes, and decided to each record a form of continuous movement. MG picked up the sounds in a room full of old-fashioned domestic record players playing themselves - microgroove styli rendering their own vibrations and movements audible. TT picked up the knocking of water against a hydrophone sunk in the brook. The score for a work was derived from a certain colour-field painting of MG's. The recorded materials, as well as sections of low frequencies that deceed our range of audibility, were subsequently divided up according to this score. In this way we created a 30-minute work, which we then displayed twice, one after another, so that the total duration of this work is 60 minutes. This work was divided into nine by inserting track ID numbers. When you listen to this release, you will find one appearance of the work, or two appearances of one work, or nine appearances of works that are distinct yet continuous, or 26 appearances of distinct sections of the work, all of which are works. At any rate, you will find a different work whenever you change your aspect of observation and recognition.