Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Mieko Shiomi

The World of Sounds and Words

(Fontec, FOCD2568) (Japan) (CD)

  1. If We Were a Pentagonal Memory Device [1979] (14:00)
    Collegium Vocale Köln
    Michaela Krämer: soprano
    Gaby Ortmann-Rodens: mezzo soprano
    Wolfgang Fromme: tenor, conductor
    Helmut Clemens: tenor
    Hans-Alderich Billig: bass baritone
    Recorded at SWF-Studio 5 (Hans-Rosbaud-Studio), Baden-Baden, Germany, February 17, 1981

    A Trick of Time Part II (Dedicated to Aki Takahashi) [1988/96] (17:59)
  2. 1st Movement (4:46)
  3. 2nd Movement (5:07)
  4. 3rd Movement (8:04)
    Aki Takahashi: 1st piano
    Ichiro Nodaira: 2nd piano
    Kenji Murata: baritone
    Masaharu Kanda: cello
    Recorded live at Tsuda Hall, Tokyo, at The 12th Tokyo Summer Festival '96, July 14, 1996

  5. Billiards on the Piano [1991] (12:53)
    Mieko Shiomi: piano
    Shohei Kiyota: billiards player
    Ko Furukawa: billiards player
    Mamoru Fujieda: computer system
    Recorded live at Xebec Hall, Kobe, June 19, 1992

  6. An Incidental Story on the Night of a Lunar Eclipse #1 [1999] (23:26)
    Satoko Inoue: piano
    Andrew Melvin: narration
    Keiichi Hashizume: clarinet
    Recorded live at Vario Hall, Tokyo, February 29, 2000

Cover design by Jiro Kuno
Includes a 28-page booklet with track notes by Mieko Shiomi in Japanese and English (English translation by Motohiko Saito), a photo of Mieko Shiomi (by Reiko Kokatsu), and her biography in Japanese and English

Released March 2010