Improvised Music from Japan / Discography



(Golden Collette, aya-004) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Opera Omnia Jean-Phillippe Dabout (6:50)
  2. A La Ligera (5:26)
  3. Non Ti Ricordo (8:55)
  4. Bone of Sadness (4:32)
  5. His Whole Little Kingdom (1:52)
  6. Cafe Cafe (5:36)
  7. Mother Oh! Son (4:25)
  8. 3-1 (2:18)
  9. On This Time Without Reason (11:01)
  10. Untitled (4:27)
  11. Lucky Pearl (7:21)

Tracks 10 and 11 are bonus tracks with unknown musicians.

All songs written by Amephone except track 8 (by H. Mikoshi) and track 9 (by S. Young and Fuminosuke)

Track 1: featuring a recording with J.-P. Dabout, K. Sato, and Aya Collette
H. Mikoshi (tabla), A. Muranaka (voice, vocal), M. Hashimoto (voice, vocal), K. Kakizaki (bass), S. Tsukamoto (keyboard), S. Yanagawa (percussion)
Track 2: H. Mikoshi (violin), Tetuzi Akiyama (viola), S. Tsukamoto (piano)
Track 3: H. Mikoshi (violin), S. Tsukamoto (piano), S. Yanagawa (percussion), Aya Collette (vocal, piano), T. Nishioka (trumpet, althorn)
Track 4: S. Tsukamoto (mandolin, keyboard), A. Kato (vocal), S. Yanagawa (vocal, guitar, bass, percussion)
Track 5: S. Tsukamoto (piano), S. Yanagawa (bass, percussion), K. Kakizaki (bass), M. Okada (emcee), N. Sakata (scratch, sample)
Track 6: T. Nishioka (trumpet, althorn), M. Suzuki (tenor saxophone), K. Nishioka (alto saxophone, clarinet), S. Tsukamoto (piano), Aya Collette (vocal), S. Yanagawa (keyboard, percussion)
Track 7: Fuminosuke (vocal), Aya Collette (vocal), C. Naka (drum), S. Tsukamoto (organ), A. Hayashi (bass), A. Kato (chorus), S. Yanagawa (guitar, voice)
Track 8: H. Mikoshi (violin, guitar, vocal), Taku Sugimoto (cello), Tetuzi Akiyama (viola), N. Sakata (sample)
Track 9: T. Ito (tenor saxophone), Masahiko Okura (alto saxophone), Bucci (trumpet), T. Moriya (bass), Hemptation (drum), Fuminosuke (vocal), Bomber (vocal), Yamada Minzoku (guitar), S. Tsukamoto (organ), Y. Akaza (percussion), S. Yanagawa (bass), S. Tsukamoto (horn section arrangement), Yamada Minzoku (African section arrangement)

All tracks produced, recorded, and mixed by Amephone
Remastered by Amephone and H. Shoji
Photo and art direction by Zen-ta

Released in June 2012
Originally released in 1998 as a CD (with a different cover design and without bonus tracks) on 360° Records (S360R9)