Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

David Byrne

Lead Us Not into Temptation (Music from the Film Young Adam)

(Thrill Jockey Records/Headz, THRILL-JP 6/HEADZ 13) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Body in a River (2:52)
  2. Mnemonic Discordance (2:41)
  3. Rising (1:09)
  4. Seaside Smokes (3:08)
  5. Canal Life (2:28)
  6. Locks & Barges (1:59)
  7. Bending (3:17)
  8. Haitian Fight Song (2:50)
  9. Sex on the Docks (4:25)
  10. Inexorable (2:20)
  11. Warm Sheets (3:01)
  12. Dirty Hair (4:48)
  13. Bastard (2:57)
  14. The Lodger (4:16)
  15. Ineluctable (4:20)
  16. Speechless (4:04)
  17. The Great Western Road (4:43)

Tracks 3 and 7 are bonus tracks included only in the Japanese edition only.

All music by David Byrne, except:
"Haitian Fight Song" (8), written by Charles Mingus, produced by David Byrne, arranged by Raymond MacDonald, performed by the Hung Drawn Quartet (Raymond MacDonald, alto sax; Allon Beauvoisin, baritone sax; Graeme Wilson, tenor sax; Stuart Brown, drums; Keith Edwards, alto sax; George Lyle, bass)

David Byrne: vocals, guitar, lap steel, church gate, L-train
Lisa Aferiat, Greg Lawson, Fiona Stephen: violin
Georgia Boyd: viola
Caroline Barber, Donald Gillam, Robert Irvine: cello
Barry Burns: keys, Hammond, piano, delay guitar, Rhodes
Alasdair Roberts: hurdy gurdy
Gregor Philp: samples
John Somerville: accordion
Una McGlone: bass
Richard Colburn: drums, percussion
Johnny Quinn: drums, percussion, tympani

Recorded and mixed at CaVa Sound Workshops, Glasgow
Mixed by Tony Doogan; assistant mixing by Michael Bannister
Mastered by Greg Calbi
Design by Danielle Spencer + DB
Back cover photo by Neil Davidson

Released in September 2003