Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

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(a bruit secret, abs201) (France), (Fragment, Fragm 003) (UK), (Hibari Music, Hibari 04) (Japan), (Pricilia:Records, P:rec 020) (France), (Vert Pituite, VP0302) (France) (CD)

  1. (8:01)
    Jean-Philippe Gross (electric conductors, mixing board), Utah Kawasaki (synthesizer)

  2. In a Kitchen (8:01)
    Olivier Brisson (amplified percussions), Yoichiro Shin (cymbal, laptop)

  3. (7:56)
    Hugo Roussel (self-input mixing board), Masafumi Ezaki (trumpet)

  4. This Could Have Been Easily Avoided (6:18)
    Quentin Dubost (electric guitar), Yasuo Totsuka (mixing board)

  5. Broken Toy (2:44)
    Masahiko Okura (bass clarinet), Sharif Sehnaoui (electric guitar)

  6. Screw (5:10)
    Masahiko Okura (bass tube), Sharif Shanaoui (electric guitar)

  7. Janome (6:42)
    Alfredo Costa Monteiro (accordion), Ami Yoshida (voice)

  8. Stanley (8:02)
    Taku Unami (banjo), Norman D. Mayer (guitar)

  9. Rumeur(s) Sazameki: Two Players, Two Mono Tracks, Each One on One Speaker, the Possibility of Listening (9:45)
    Kazushige Kinoshita (violin), Fabrice Eglin (amplified guitar)

Edited and mastered by Taku Unami
Produced by a bruit secret, Fragment, Hibari Music, Pricilia:Records, and Vert Pituine
Design by Pricilia:Eyes

Released in September 2003