Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Lauren Newton
Masahiko Sato

Skip the Blues

(Mobys/Chitei Records, MC-10019) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Tierverse with Interludes (23:54)
    A. Interlude on The Eagle
    B. Interlude on The Horse
    C. Interlude on The Crow
    D. Interlude on The Woodlouse
    E. Interlude on The Hedgehog
  2. Dedicated to Whom? (3:59)
  3. Train of Thought (7:53)
  4. Trans Pacific Action (7:27)
  5. Song for M.R. (L. Newton) (8:08)
  6. Skip the Blues (5:54)

Lauren Newton: vocal, voice, analog sequencer
Masahiko Sato: piano

Recorded at Goethe-Institut Tokyo, September 23, 1982 (1) and at Studio 200, Tokyo, January 31, 1986 (2-6)
Mastered by Nobuo Ishizaki and Buntaro Shibuya at GOK Sound
Photos by Ryoko Adachi and Koichi Kawamura
Design by Naoki Nishino
Produced by Teruto Soejima and Mitsutoshi Yoshida
Includes liner notes in Japanese and English by Shinji Tamai

Released in April 2014