Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Kyoko Kuroda

Ort Live: Brecht a la Machina

(Omba Records, OMBA-003) (Audiocassette)

Side A

  1. Grandfather Stoffel
  2. About Suicide
  3. Gray Geese

Side B

  1. Song of Moldau
  2. Ballad of a Forester and a Countess
  3. Children's Hymn

Kyoko Kuroda: piano, vocal and synthesizer
Masami Shinoda: alto, tenor and baritone saxes
Junji Hirose: soprano and tenor saxes and self-made instrument
Yoshihide Otomo: noise junk, turntables and cassette tapes

Recorded at Manda-la in Kichijoji, Tokyo on May 30, 1988

Released 1988