Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

John Cage Shock Vol. 3

(Edition Omega Point, OP-0010; EM Records, EM1106CD) (Japan) (CD)

  1. 0'00" [1962] (18:08)
    Composed and performed by John Cage

  2. Composition II for 2 Pianos [1960/61] (6:11)
    Composed by Michael von Biel
    Toshi Ichiyanagi: piano
    David Tudor: piano

  3. Music for Piano #7 [1961] (14:59)
    Composed by Toshi Ichiyanagi
    Toshi Ichiyanagi: piano
    David Tudor: piano

Recorded live at the Sogetsu Art Center, Tokyo, October 24, 1962 (1, 2), and at Mido-kaikan, Osaka, October 17, 1962 (3)
Mastered by Koichi Hara
Photos by Yasuhiro Yoshioka
Japanese calligraphy by Tatsutoshi Kawamura
Includes an insert with liner notes by Gen Igarashi and Toshi Ichiyanagi in Japanese and English (translation by Adam Bates), and a black and white photo

Released in August 2012