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Dare Devil Band

Dare Devil Band

(PSF Records, PSFD-148) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Wild Boar Part 1 (7:56)
  2. Wild Boar Part 2 (8:29)
  3. Musha (23:12)

Shoji Hano: drums
Atsushi Tsuyama: electric bass, vocals
Makoto Kawabata: electric guitar

Recorded live at East, Kyoto, on March 27, 2003 (1), and at Hard Rain, Osaka, on March 25, 2003 (2)
Produced by Shoji Hano
Mixed and mastered by Takeshi Yoshida
Design by Yasunori Arai
Liner notes by Shoji Hano in Japanese and English (translated by Alan Cummings)

Released in August 2003