Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Thurston Moore
Chris Corsano
Paul Flaherty
Wally Shoup

The Roadhouse Session Vol. 1

(Shakaijin Records/Columbia Music Entertainment, COCB-53675) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Leading and Bleeding (27:54)
  2. Save the Windmill Attack for Lunch (20:07)
  3. Languishing in the Jazz Section (16:26)

All songs written by Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, and Wally Shoup

Thurston Moore: guitar
Chris Corsano: drums
Paul Flaherty: saxophone
Wally Shoup: saxophone

Recorded and mixed by John Truscinski at the Slaughterhouse Studio, Hadley, Massachusetts, September 16, 2002
Mastered by Atsushi Mohri at Columbia Mastering, August 2007
Creative director: Jim O'Rourke
Artwork by Tomoo Gokita
Design by Takashi Igarashi
Photos by Stefano Giavannini
Includes an 8-page booklet with illustrations and a 2-page photo

Released in October 2007