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Liner Notes of Manabu Suzuki's CD
Live Installation at Loop-Line Recorded by Toshiya Tsunoda

USW56, USW57, USW59, USW61 and USW113, these five hand-made electronics hanged from a ceiling have an ultrasonic wave transmitter, a reciever and an amplifier. Each frequency of the ultrasonic wave is about 40KHz but slightly different. And when each instrument swings, each frequency changes a little caused by the Doppler effect. On thier instruments we can hear beat signals between transmitted and received ultrasonic waves changed in frequency. (by Manabu Suzuki).

Where does art work appear? How do people perceive a piece of art, and how is that experience grasped? Physically, it's possible to say that the piece is in an exhibited space. However, when the essence of the piece is a spatial experience, it would be imperfect to speak only about the appearance of the work that is placed in a certain space. I came to want to add my experience of listening to Suzuki's work to this piece as my own touch. So, I decided to use a pair of micro-mikes. During the recording, one microphone was set in the center of the exhibited space, and the other was placed inside of my left ear. I closed my ear that has the microphone within it by my hand after the condition of the space caused by the piece and the swinging of the units became nearly stable (take 1) . I consider that my own condition has been added to the piece by this action. (By Toshiya Tsunoda, translation by Makoto Oshiro)