Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Masahiko Sato


(Enja Records/Solid Records, CDSOL-6530) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Trinity (22:52)
  2. Far Trip (22:54)

All composed by Masahiko Sato

Masahiko Sato: piano, modulator
Peter Warren: bass
Pierre Favre: percussion

Produced by Horst Weber and Matthias Winckelmann
Recorded live by Jürgen Koppers at Studio 70, Munich, West Germany, November 3, 1971
Original mastering at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg
Remastered by Toshiyuki Abe
Photos by Johannes Anders and Jans Harzheim
Original design by E. Krämer
Re-issue design by Kaoru Nagano and Kaoru Ito
Includes an eight-page booklet with Japanese liner notes by Hidetoshi Tanaka

Released in April 2014
Originally released as an LP on the German label Enja Records (enja 2008)