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Mudai Trio

Crossing Orbits: Live at Pit-inn '90

(Studio Songs, YZSO-10029) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Stella by Starlight (11:31)
  2. Vector 1 (13:05)
  3. Valencia (14:10)
  4. Vector 2 (12: 14)

Composed by Victor Young (1); Masahiko Satoh, Masahiko Togashi, and Jean-François Jenny-Clark (2, 4), and Masahiko Togashi (3)

Mudai Trio
Masahiko Satoh: piano
Masahiko Togashi: percussion
Jean-François Jenny-Clark: bass

Recorded live by Masahiko Satoh at Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo, September 13, 1990
Edited and mastered by Daisuke Takizawa
Photos by Didier Boyet
Design by Tetsuya Iwasaki
Produced by Masahiko Satoh
Includes liner notes by Didier Boyet in Japanese, English, and French

Released in December 2012