Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Masahiko Togashi
Yuji Takahashi

Duo Live 1995

(Masahiko Togashi Archives 5)

(Studio Songs, YZSO-10076) (Japan) (2-CD set)

CD 1

  1. 1995-6-17 Eggfarm-1 (48:28)

CD 2

  1. 1995-6-17 Eggfarm-2 (38:54)
  2. 1995-6-17 Eggfarm-3 (7:49)

Masahiko Togashi: percussion
Yuji Takahashi: piano, Akai S950, Apple SE/30, percussion, text reading

Recorded live at Hall Egg Farm, Fukaya, June 17, 1995
Mastered at Studio Songs
Supervised by Masahiko Sato
Paintings by Masahiko Togashi
Photos by Mieko Togashi
Includes an eight-page booklet with texts by Yuji Takahashi (in Japanese) and photos

Released in July 2017