Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Jad Fair
Norman Blake

How Many Glasgow

(Sweet Dreams Press, SDCD-019) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Vegan Song [music: Saya and Satoru Ono/words: Saya] (3:07)
  2. Yes, We Can [music: Norman Blake/words: Jad Fair] (3:52)
  3. Reading Bubbles [music: Takashi Ueno and Saya/words: Saya and Jad Fair] (4:55)
  4. Raindrops [music: Takashi Ueno/words: McCloud Zicmuse and Saya] (3:55)
  5. Powerful Love [music: Takashi Ueno/words: Jad Fair] (3:16)
  6. Wells [music: Saya/words: Saya] (2:06)
  7. For You I Fell [music: Takashi Ueno/words: Jad Fair] (3:19)
  8. A Good Thing Going [music: Saya/words: Saya and Jad Fair] (3:14)
  9. Minshutenui [music: Tsubasa and Saya/words: Tsubasa and Saya] (2:07)
  10. This Is a Time [music: Takashi Ueno/words: Jad Fair] (3:38)
  11. Gum Nuts Baby [music: Saya/words: Saya] (5:24)
  12. The Door Will Open [music: Taisei and Saya/words: Taisei and Saya] (5:07)
  13. I Have a Plan [music: Norman Blake/words: Jad Fair] (3:37)
  14. How's Your Summer [music: Takashi Ueno and Saya/words: Saya and Jad Fair] (5:56)
  15. Yo Yo Yo! [music: Saya/words: Saya] (2:47)

Jad Fair: vocals, electric guitar
Norman Blake: vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Saya: vocals, keyboards, melodica
Takashi Ueno: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, percussion

Makoto Oshiro: vocal

Recorded by Makoto Oshiro in Tokyo, May 12 and 13, 2013
Mixed and mastered by Makoto Oshiro
Artwork by Jad Fair
Design by Komazawa Design Room
Includes a 20-page booklet with lyrics, Japanese track notes by Takashi Ueno, Japanese liner notes by Takashi Ueno and Saya, liner notes by Jad Fair and Norman Blake (in English and Japanese), illustrations by Jad Fair, and color photos by Shuhei Hatano

Released in October 2014