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Masayuki Takayanagi Second Concept

Cool Jojo + 4

(Think! Records, THCD-234) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Froggy Day [Ronnie Ball] (5:35)
  2. These Things [Masayuki Takayanagi] (4:58)
  3. Hi Beck [Lee Konitz] (419)
  4. Palo Alto [Lee Konitz] (4:03)
  5. 317 East 32ND [Lennie Tristano] (4:44)
  6. Subconscious Lee [Lee Konitz] (5:29)
  7. My New Flame [Masayuki Takayanagi] (5:06)
  8. Lennie's Pennies [Lennie Tristano] (3:16)

Bonus tracks

  1. Froggy Day (alternate take) [Ronnie Ball] (5:37)
  2. Hi Beck (alternate take) [Lee Konitz] (4:16)
  3. 317 East 32ND (alternate take) [Lennie Tristano] (4:38)
  4. Subconscious Lee (alternate take) [Lee Konitz] (5:12)

Masayuki Takayanagi Second Concept
Masayuki Takayanagi: guitar
Kenji Kosei: piano, electric piano
Nobuyoshi Ino: bass
Yasuhiro Yamazaki: drums

Produced by Takeshi Fujii
Recorded by Yoshihiko Kannari at Yamaha Epicurus Studio, Tokyo, December 3-5, 1979
Illustration and design by Makoto Yoshida
Photos by Tsutomu Nishizawa
Includes Japanese liner notes by Masahiko Yu

Released in August 2013
Originally released in 1980 (without tracks 9-12) as an LP on Three Blind Mice (TBM-5018)
Tracks 9-12 originally released in 2000 on the CD Cool Jojo on Three Blind Mice (TBM-XR-5018)