Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Suiho Tosha

Yugen no Sekai: Shinobue no Miryoku

(Think! Records, DTHK-003) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Celtic Rock (4:42)
  2. Ballad of Easy Rider (3:41)
  3. The House of the Rising Sun (4:14)
  4. The Weight (4:16)
  5. Teach Your Children (2:41)
  6. Across the Universe (3:26)

    Concerto for Shino Flute and Rock Band
  7. First Movement (8:37)
  8. Second Movement (5:39)
  9. Third Movement (9:36)

Composed by Donovan (1), Roger McGuinn (2), Robbie Robertson (4), Graham Nash (5), John Lennon (6), and Norio Maeda (7-9)
Track 3: U.S. traditional
All arrangements by Norio Maeda

Suiho Tosha: shino flute, nohkan

Takeshi Inomata and Sound Limited
Takeshi Inomata: drums
Jun Suzuki: bass guitar
Kimio Mizutani: electric guitar
Shigehito Ohara: Fender electric piano
Norio Maeda: Hammond organ
Shigemichi Domoto: trombone
Shunzo Ono: trumpet
Takehisa Suzuki: trumpet
Makio Shimizu: bass clarinet, alto saxophone

Recorded at Toshiba First Studio, November 4 and 5, 1970
Includes liner notes by Fumihiro Funaki and Yusuke Ogawa, and track notes in Japanese

Released in October 2011
Originally released in 1971 as an LP on Express/Toshiba (ETP-9019)