Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Evan Parker
Motoharu Yoshizawa

Two Chaps

(Free Jazz Japan in Zepp Chap Chap Series)

(Universal D, POCS-9350) (Japan) (CD)

  1. Two Chaps 1 (19:26)
  2. Two Chaps 2 (12:11)
  3. One Chap (17:09)
  4. Two Chaps 3 (11:10)
  5. Two Chaps 4 (6:41)

Evan Parker: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Motoharu Yoshizawa: contrabass

Recorded live by Takeo Suetomi at Café Amores, Hofu, April 29, 1996
Mastered by Mitsuo Kikuchi
Photos by Takeo Suetomi
Design by Masayasu Kurimoto and Tomoko Nagano
Produced by Takeo Suetomi and Kenny Inaoka
Includes Japanese liner notes by Yoshiaki Kinno

Released in July 2015