Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


Rubble 1

(Accretions Records, A/C-201) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Damon Holzborn - If We're All Going to Get It (3:41)
    Written by Damon Holzborn

  2. Perfektomat - Posturban Subfrequencies (6:44)
    Composed by Joscha Oetz
    Joscha Oetz: bass, producer, poetry
    Nathan Hubbard: drumkit, drum machine, engineer, Protools assembly
    Reynard Rott: cello
    Joey Carano: electric and acoustic guitars
    Danny Green: keyboards
    Gustavo Aguilar: congas, bongos, shakers
    Jason Robinson: tenor saxophone, flute
    DJ Tommy: turntables
    B.E. Dean: poetry
    Marcelo Radulovich: poetry

    Recorded at DPH Studios, Encinatas, California, January-March 2003

  3. Mrlectronic - Amphibious (5:13)
    Lisle Ellis: electronics
    Marcos Fernandes: phonographies, electronics
    Robert Montoya: electronics

    Recorded and mixed by Lisle Ellis

  4. Hans Fjellestad - FTP Remix (3:17)
    Composed and mixed by Hans Fjellestad
    Hans Fjellestad: church organ
    Jason Robinson: woodwinds
    Ellen Weller: woodwinds
    Marcos Fernandes: percussion
    Kristen Cheadle: percussion
    Basketball game played by Boo Robinson, Jeremy Volper, Aaron Maton, Brian Couch, Jason Char, Jeremiah Green, Joshua Konold, Mike Batson, Brian Carson

    Recorded live at the Zion Building, Allied Gardens
    Recording engineer: Kevin Carey
    Original version appears on Red Sauce Baby (Accretions, 2000)

  5. Nathan Hubbard - Sundials II (6:07)
    Composed by Nathan Hubbard
    Stephanie Robinson: piano
    Lee Elderton: flute
    Jason Robinson: flute
    Ward Baxter: bass clarinet
    Jay Easton: bassoon
    Gascia Ouzounian: violin
    Jarrod Chilton: cello
    Scott Walton: bass

    Recorded by Nathan Hubbard at San Diego State University, Smith Recital Hall, San Diego, California, January 16, 2003

  6. Restlight - A (4:25)
    Marcelo Radulovich: guitar, sampling, processing
    Haco: voice

    Recorded and assembled by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studios, May 2003

  7. Quibble - Quell (3:27)
    Damon Holzborn, Nathan Hubbard, Marcelo Radulovich: electronics
    Recorded by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studios, 2002

  8. Robert M - On/Off (5:04)

  9. Cosmologic - 17th and Capp Revisited (6:04)
    Composed by Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson: tenor saxophone
    Al Scholl: guitar
    Scott Walton: bass
    Nathan Hubbard: drumkit

    Recorded by Nathan Hubbard at DHCC, San Marcos, California, November 22, 2003
    Mixed by Nathan Hubbard and Jason Robinson at DPH Studios

  10. Weller/Fernandes/Scholl: Triptych (2:58)
    Ellen Weller: soprano saxophone
    Al Scholl: guitar
    Marcos Fernandes: percussion

    Recorded by Randy Fuelle at Hit Single, El Cajon, California, August 23, 2003
    Edited and mixed by Nathan Hubbard at DPH Studios

  11. Titicacaman - 7 Headless Horse People (5:27)
    Written and performed by Marcelo Radulovich
    Recorded at Titicacaman Studios, 2004
    Original version appears on 2 Brains (Accretions, 1999)

  12. Donkey - Soil
    Written and performed by Hans Fjellestad and Damon Holzborn
    Recorded at Zu Casa Labs, San Diego

  13. Wormhole - (Re)cycl(her) (5:37)
    Composed by Marcos Fernandes, Robert Montoya, and Nathan Hubbard
    Marcos Fernandes, Robert Montoya, Nathan Hubbard: percussion, voice

    Recorded at The Space, January 20, 2003
    Recorded, processed, assembled, and destroyed by Nathan Hubbard at DPH Studios

Produced by Trummerflora and Marcelo Radulovich
Mastered by Steve Langdon

Released in 2004