Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


Musique Actuelle 1990

(Anomalous Records, NOM25) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Movement 1 (25:38)
  2. Movement 2 (8:09)
  3. Movement 3 (10:01)
  4. Movement 4 (22:40)

The recording of a commissioned composition, "compiled from the live performance and the dry run immediately prior to the concert." "The performance integrated large-screen video imagery with the music."

Amy Derbyshire: crumhorn, viola, electronic processing
Mark Derbyshire: curtal, rackett, shawm, electronic processing
Heidi Eversley: visual imagery
Tom Katsimpalis: guitar
Mark Piersel: guitar
Steve Scholbe: alto saxophone, bass clarinet
William Sharp: hurdy-gurdy, electronic processing
Gordon Whitlow: bass guitar, accordion
Larry Wilson: kit drums, tubular bells
Randy Yeates: piano

Recorded live at Montreal Musiques Actuelles - New Music America, November 11, 1990
Mixed by Biota/Mnemonists from the stage
Includes a full-color booklet with "imagery that evolved from the original performance footage"

Released in 2004