Improvised Music from Japan / Discography



(Anomalous Records, NOM27) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Untitled 1 (21:13)
    "Recorded with a tone generator (TG 77) using self-programmed sounds"

  2. Untitled 2 (9:43)
    "Based on four spontaneous recordings of musical actions...mostly with Orff percussion instruments (designed for children) plus some other tools lying around"

  3. Untitled 3 (9:26)
    Made with "two musical boxes...not used by playing along, but seen as instruments" and an electric toothbrush

  4. Untitled 4 (10:34)
    "Based on one feedback version each from (2) and (3), one tone generator track from the recordings of (1), plus two additional recordings of electric guitar (played back and forth)"

"All four pieces are based on three or four instrumental improvisations by RLW, reconstructed by spontaneous mix afterwards."

Recorded in January (1), February (2), and March (3, 4), 2003
Final mix done in April 2003

Photos by Rachael Jackson

Released in 2004