Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Henry Kaiser

Domo Arigato Derek-Sensei!

(Balance Point Acoustics, bpaltd202) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Maha lo E Derek (5:35)
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar, voice

  2. Gamera tai Reptilicus [2005] (4:07)
    Kiku Day: shakuhachi
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar

  3. The Tsuchigumi Five-Wheel Technique vs. The Seagull School [1981] (9:15)
    Charles K. Noyes: percussion
    Henry Kaiser: two electric guitars at once

  4. The Worst of Times [1992] (6:11)
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar

  5. Continue On [2006] (4:09)
    Henry Kaiser: bass guitar, voice
    Henry Kuntz: tenor saxophone, voice

  6. Improvisation 102a [1978] (1:31)
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar
    Toshinori Kondo: trumpet

  7. Improvisation 102x [1978] (2:57)
    Andrea Centazzo: percussion
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar

  8. Just Be a Scuba Diver [2006] (4:04)
    Henry Kaiser: ukulele, voice
    Damon Smith: double bass, voice

  9. Book Review [2005] (13:38)
    Henry Kaiser: solo acoustic guitar, voice

  10. Two of a Kind [1979] (6:05)
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar
    Davey Williams: electric guitar

  11. The Metalanguage Trio [2006] (4:47)
    Greg Goodman: piano, voice
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar, voice
    Larry Ochs: sopranino saxophone, voice

  12. The Night of Departure [1996] (3:15)
    Henry Kaiser: solo acoustic guitar

  13. Tokyo Trio for Aida [1979] (6:07)
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar
    Mototeru Takagi: tenor saxophone
    Motoharu Yoshizawa: double bass

  14. Pre-Vou [1996] (1:25)
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar
    John Oswald: alto saxophone

  15. Kavichandran Salp'uri [1993] (5:36)
    Derek Bailey: electric guitar
    Henry Kaiser: electric guitar
    Sang Won Park: changgo, voice

All music improvised live; no overdubs

Art direction and design by Amacker Bullwinkle
Photos by Mikey Siegel and Karen Brookman

Released in 2006