Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

B. Fleischmann

Welcome Tourist

(Charhizma, cha025) (Austria) (2-CD set)

Disc 1

  1. 02/00 (5:56)
  2. Guided by Beats (3:55)
  3. Pass By (6:07)
  4. Grunt (5:42)
  5. Until the Real Thing Comes Along (2:54)
  6. The Blessed (4:36)
  7. As If (6:04)
  8. Waiting for You to Come (4:58)
  9. A Letter from Home (5:15)
  10. Le Desir (5:39)
  11. Sleep (5:23)

All songs by B. Fleischmann

Christof Kurzmann: saxophone (track 9), vocals and lyrics (tracks 10 and 11)
Voice sample on track 1: "Qualtinger Liest Thoreau, über die pflicht zum ungehorsam gegen den staat" (Preiser Records)

Recorded at Amann Studios, Vienna
Mastered by Christoph Amann

Disc 2

  1. Take Your Time (45:16)

Written by B. Fleischmann

B. Fleischmann: electronics, piano, drums
Werner Dafeldecker: contrabass
Christof Kurzmann: saxophone, clarinet, G3, vocals
Martin Siewert: guitar, pedal steel, electronics
Burkhard Stangl: vibraphone

Produced and mixed by B. Fleischmann, Christof Kurzmann, and Martin Siewert
Recorded and mastered by Christoph Amann at Amann Studios

Released in November 2003