Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


L'Écoute Libéré

(Esquilo Records, ES001/ESVAR001) (Portugal) (CD-R)

  1. Lone Star (20:00)
  2. Metis (8:19)
  3. L'Écoute Réduite (15:35)

Bernhard Günter: electronics, Hohner Blues Harps (2), self-made bamboo flute (2)
Mark Wastell: electronics, tam tam (1)
Graham Halliwell: electronics, feedback saxophone (1)

Track 1 realized by Mark Wastell in July 2005 based on material from a studio session by Wastell and Halliwell, and composed electronic music by Günter
Track 2 created by Bernhard Günter based on a recording of a +minus concert of May 2004 and additional material
Track 3 created by Graham Halliwell based on recorded material by Halliwell, Günter, and Wastell
Cover art (original silkscreen) by L. Jacinto and C. Reis
Includes liner notes in English by Mark Wastell, Bernhard Günter, and Graham Halliwell

Released in 2005
Limited edition of 160 (first printing) and 150 (second printing)