Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Philip Samartzis
Günter Müller
Voice Crack


(For 4 Ears, CD1655) (Switzerland) (CD)

  1. tombac_toothless (21:36)
  2. bacchus_marsh (19:29)
  3. bleep_block (16:13)

Philip Samartzis: environments, electronics
Günter Müller: selected percussion, MDs, electronics
Voice Crack (Andy Guhl and Norbert Möslang): cracked everyday-electronics

Recorded by Philip Samartzis at Media Arts RMIT University, Melbourne, July 18, 2002
Mixed and mastered by Philip Samartzis
Cover design by Alex Hanimann and Norbert Möslang

Released in August 2005