Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Guigou Chenevier

Le Batteur Est le Meilleur Ami du Musicien

(In Poly Sons, IPS 0603) (France) (CD)

  1. A l'Horizon que du Bleu (3:27)

    Shirley Hoffman: tuba, voice
    Momo Rossel: violin, accordion, mandolin
    Recorded and mixed by Momo Rossel, Studio des Usines, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

  2. Too Good Too (2:48)

    Rick Brown: keyboards, sequencer, rhythm box, percussion, and claps
    Recorded and mixed by Rick Brown at Mule Yard Studio, Brooklyn, December 2002
    Photo by Rick Brown

  3. The First Day (4:41)

    Haco: vocal, electronics, effects
    Mixed by Haco at Mescalina, Kobe, Japan, December 2002
    Photo by Hideto Uchiike

  4. Ça s'est passé au Nunavut (2:56)

    Jean Derome: various instruments and objects
    Recorded and mixed by Bernard Grenon at Studio 270, Montreal, January 22, 2003
    Photos by Céline Côté

  5. Eggs, Salt, Vanilla (3:40)

    Sue Garner: bass, guitar, voice, electronic treatments
    Recorded and mixed by Sue Garner at Mule Yard Studio, Brooklyn, December 2002
    Photo by Sue Garner

  6. Odd or Even (2:29)

    Kenji Itoken: cowbells, toy glockenspiel, xylophone, melodica, SH101
    Recorded and mixed at Itoken Studio, Tokyo, December 2002

  7. Un Jour, la Nuit (1:25)

    Nick Didkovsky: guitar, bass
    Recorded and mixed by Nick Didkovsky at Punos Music, New York City, January 13, 2003
    Painting by Léo Didkovsky

  8. Pluie de Cendres (3:20)

    Kevin Norton: vibraphone (Bice), marimba, cymbals, triangles
    Recorded and mixed by Nick Didkovsky at Punos Music, New York City, January 2003
    Photo by Anja Hitzenberger

  9. Ik, Éénog, Koning onder Blinden (3:35)

    Han Buhrs: voices, effects
    Recorded and mixed by Donotask at Old Skool Studios, Utrecht, Holland, February 2003
    Drawing by Han Buhrs

  10. Le Retour du Percuppsala (3:47)

    Lars Hollmer: accordion, keyboards, piano, melodica
    Recorded and mixed by Lars Hollmer in Uppsala, Sweden, January 2003
    Photo by Pelle Engman

  11. Palimpsest (3:22)

    Jonathan Thomas: Casio and casseroles
    Recorded and mixed by Franck Difficult and Jonathan Thomas at the House of Wrong Productions, Providence, R.I., U.S.A., November 2002
    Painting by Angel Dean

  12. Drones and Dolls (4:24)

    Guigou Chenevier: drums
    Photo by François Dietz

Guigou Chenevier: drums, percussion (1-11)
Recorded by François Dietz at Studio CCAM-Musique Action, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France, September 2002
Graphics by Sophie Jausserand
Includes liner notes in French and English by Guigou Chevenier (English translation by Jonathan Thomas)

Released in 2003