Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Other Two Comrades
Yan Jun
Top Floor Circus

Improvisation in Shanghai

(Kwanyin Records, kwanyin 002; Mule Records, mule 200) (China) (CD)

  1. (11:49)
  2. (19:12)
  3. (14:14)
  4. (5:45)

Huan Qing: kalimba, kou xian (jew's harp), guitar effect, mixer, live record
Chen Zhipeng: hand drums
Yan Jun: iPod, CD, MD, mixer
Lu Chen: vocal, vocal effect, oral organ, clarinet
Mao Dou: vocal, guitar effect, handbell, loudspeaker
Gu Lei: vocal, snowbell, clarinet, strap for SM
Mei Er: telekinesis transmitted far from Germany

Recorded live at DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, June 6, 2004
Mastered by 718
Design by Topfloor Circus

Released jointly with Mule Records (mule 200) in January 2005
Limited edition of 1,000