Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Bai Tian
relapxych.0 (Anders Peterson)
The Loop Orchestra

Ya Ji 1

(Kwanyin Records, YJ001) (China) (CD)

  1. Bai Tian/Anders Peterson/The Loop Orchestra/Shizi - Ya Ji (16:03)
    A remote collaboration piece created by Bai Tian (China), Anders Peterson (Sweden), The Loop Orchestra (Australia), and Shizi (China)

  2. Bai Tian - In (4:30)

  3. relapxych.0 (Anders Peterson) - Insomniactivity 0-3 Edit (12:24)

  4. The Loop Orchestra - Vibraloops (9:04)
    The Loop Orchestra: John Blades, Richard Fielding, Manny Gasparinatos, and Patrick Gibson

  5. The Loop Orchestra Remixes Objekt4 - Background Shadows (8:31)
    Radio studio remix by John Blades and Richard Fielding of Objekt4 (Anders Peterson) CD Her Face amongst the Shadows

  6. Shizi - EXP (5:15)

Graphic design by Ruan Qianrui
Translation by Frankie Su

Released in 2008