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Julie Hanssin
A. Typist

The Book before Music

(Manual, manualcd009) (Korea) (book + CD)

The Book before Music

Book with 140 pages, 13 x13 cm
Written by Julie Hanssin
English translation by Kyung Hee Youn, Linden Park, Orolo, and Neil Wright

Julie Hanssin's Typist

  1. 1 (19:09)
  2. 34 (2:13)
  3. 69 (18:51)

A. Typist
Kim Taeyong: voice
Ryu Hankil: 1st typewriter
Lo Wie: 2nd typewriter

Recorded by Ryu Hankil at Mullae Art Center
Mastered by Hong Chulki
Design by Yang Euddeum

Released in 2013