Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Toshiya Tsunoda
Joel Stern
Lawrence English


(Naturestrip, NS3002) (Australia) (CD)

  1. Toshiya Tsunoda - Reclaimed Land (15:05)

    Field recording
    Heisei-cho, Yokosuka City, evening, August 15, 1998

  2. Joel Stern - Saltwort (8:33)

    Improvisation using binaural microphones, soda water, glass bottles, feedback, electronics, and broken cables
    Recorded in Melbourne, August 2003

  3. Tarab - Of Hollow Traces (13:24)

    Arranged from a series of improvisations using found objects, microphones, simple electronics, and field recordings, late 2003-early 2004

  4. Lawrence English - A Summer Crush (Takadanobaba/Brooklyn) (16:28)

    Field recordings made in Tokyo and New York, June-July 2003

Cover and image by C. Heisler

Released in 2004