Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yan Jun

Lamma Island Diary

(Re-Records, RE-ON-001R) (Hong Kong) (CD-R)

  1. A Bit Chilly, on the Way to the Island with Yeung Yang (8:23)
  2. Night Walk Alone, Scared by a Spider Web (4:30)
  3. Hello, the Mad Dog Is Not Home (2:21)
  4. Voice Practicing at the Shore, Microphone Strongly Hit by Sea Breeze (4:14)
  5. Picnic with Lee Kit, Shell of Melon Seed Falling Down from the Sky (6:37)
  6. Green Lamma: Seaside Vegetation (1:26)
  7. Ants Don't Like Honey, What Do They Like? (3:56)
  8. Finally Home, It Woke up from Dream (2:40)
  9. Foreigner Lives in Yung Shue Wan, Hong Kong Locals Come to See Them (2:03)
  10. Green Lamma: Mile-a-Minute Weed (1:44)
  11. Airplane in the Sky, Mosquito in the Hole (4:58)
  12. Fighting Mosquito with High Frequency, Got Two Mosquito Bites (5:14)
  13. Enter the Urn, Exit the Urn, Sun Tan (3:39)
  14. Green Lamma: Granite says No to Graffiti (1:40)
  15. Coming back with Spiderman, Akio and Jason Having Tea (2:24)
  16. The Last Night, Rain Drops Falling on the Window (5:52)

Yan Jun: field recordings, poetry reading, voice

Recorded in April and May 2009 during the Around Festival, Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Track 1: hanging microphone, Central-Sok Kwu Wan, April 20, around 3 p.m.
Track 2: handheld microphone, Mo Tat Village, April 20, around 10 p.m.
Track 3: handheld microphone, Yung Shue Ha, May 1, around 2 p.m.
Track 4: handheld microphone, Shek Pai Wan, April 23, around 9 a.m.
Track 5: microphone under aluminum foil tray, Tung O, May 1, around 3 p.m.
Track 6: binaural microphone, Shek Pai Wan, April 29, 8 a.m.
Track 7: contact microphone and aluminum foil tray, Ling Kok Shan, May 2, around 12 p.m.
Track 8: handheld microphone, Yung Shue Ha, April 20, around 11 p.m.
Track 9: handheld microphone, Yung Shue Wan, April 21, around 3 p.m.
Track 10: handheld microphone, Mo Tat Village, May 1, around 11 p.m.
Track 11: binaural microphone inside tree hole, Mo Tat Village, April 24, around 10 a.m.
Track 12: handheld microphone and recorder headphone feedback, south of Tin Hau Temple, Sok Kwu, April 23, around 11 a.m.
Track 13: inside urn, Tung O, April 29, 1 p.m.
Track 14: handheld microphone, Balcony Rock, April 29, around 2 p.m.
Track 15: binaural microphone inside beverage bottle, Yung Shue Ha, April 29, around 9 a.m.
Track 16: by window, Yung Shue Ha, May 3, around 3 a.m.
Mastered by Duan Xiaolin
Photo by Yan Jun

Released in 2009