Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Michel Doneda
Jack Wright
Tatsuya Nakatani

From Between

(SoSeditions, soseditions 801) (U.S.) (CD)

  1. Hands behind Hands (30:12)
  2. Of Pipes and Roots (13:37)
  3. ...Open this Surface to Clouds (10:56)

Michel Doneda: sopranino and soprano saxophones
Jack Wright: soprano and alto saxophones
Tatsuya Nakatani: percussion

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at H & H Studios, Bronx, New York, May 2004
Track 3 recorded live at BPM Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, September 2003
Produced by Daniel M. Yang
Recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered by Tatsuya Nakatani
Includes the poem "The Orators (II)," by Jerome Rothenberg (text)
Track titles by Jerome Rothenberg
Design by Aether

Released in June 2004