Improvised Music from Japan / Discography


(Soundpocket, Pocket: 1) (Hong Kong) (book + CD)


Artists' and critics' accounts of the Around sound art festival 2009, and reflections on sound art and listening

370 pages
All in English and Chinese, plus French, Italian, and Japanese where indicated

Includes the following essays:

Lamma Island, a Few Diary Entries, by Yan Jun
History of Scenes #1: Fragments, Sound, Memory, by Edwin Lo
The Landscape Portraits of Donna Ong, by Eugene Tan
Miki Yui, by Carlo Fossati (in Italian, English, and Chinese)
Akio Suzuki, by Akio Suzuki (in Japanese, English, and Chinese)
When I Listen to Akio's Stoneflute..., by Felix Hess
Extended Music - "Out in the Open," by Jérôme Joy (in French, English, and Chinese)
It Should Not Be There but It Is There...Somewhere around My Diary, by Kawai Shiu
Sounding Out/ Doors, by William Lane
Erasing the Visible - Jaffa Lam's Sound Tree, by Dr Cédric Maridet (in French, English, and Chinese)
From Science to Sensitivity, by Felix Hess
Water/Rivers/Oceans/Beaches and Tales from a Reluctant Swimmer/ Virtual Surfer, by Mike Cooper
Stereo Worlds As Everyday Art, by Yan Jun
Sound, Island, Wisdom, Around, and the Passion that I See, by Gukzik Lau
Silence. Sound. Healing, by Black
To What Do We Open Our Ears?, by Dajuin Yao

Also includes artists' and writers' biographies, and black and white photos

Edited by Yeung Yang
Design by Untitled Workshop
Photos by Ivy Chan, Roy Lee, Vik Lai, and Wendy Lee


  1. Miki Yui - Island (11:18)
    Six-channel sounds for abandoned houses
    Motat Village, Lamma Island, May 2009

    YC Teo - Compositions for Landscape Portraits (Rooms I-IV) with Donna Ong
    Abandoned houses in Tung O, Lamma Island, May 2009
  2. I (3:45)
  3. II (3:19)
  4. III (4:05)
  5. IV (3:47)

  6. Akio Suzuki - Untitled (7:01)
    Durational performance
    Old school ground, Motat Village, Lamma Island, May 2009

  7. Kacey Wong - Mind Stir (2:40)
    Installation outside kapok
    St Francis Yard, Wanchai, May-June 2009
    Recording from Mind Stir, reinstalled at soundpocket, July 2010

  8. Kawai Shiu with Hong Kong New Music Ensemble - Tung O Processional (2:29)
    Tung O, Lamma Island, May 2009

  9. Cédric Maridet - Recordings & Composition from Jaffa Lam's Sound Tree (12:00)
    Hong Kong Architecture Centre, Central, 2009-2010

  10. Jérôme Joy - LocustreamMix (12:22)
    A different edition was performed live at the rooftop of Foo Tak Building, Wanchai, April 2009

  11. Mike Cooper - The Chao Phraya Soundscape, Bangkok (8:38)

  12. Mike Cooper - Blue Guitar (4:21)
    Recorded in Rome, 2010

Released in 2010