Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

[In Spite of Flaming Creatures]

Vitamin Buckfast

(Starlight Furniture, *15) (U.S.A.) (LP)

Side A

  1. A Crap & Dope Faith
  2. Baghdad on the Subway
  3. Fire from an Indian Violin

Side B

  1. From Pig Eye to Eel
  2. A Brand New Denture
  3. No Wrist Pride

Toshiji Mikawa: electronics, theremin
Fumio Kosakai: electronics, ring modulator

[In Spite of Flaming Creatures]
Abdul H. Squeerter: instrumets

Dora Doll: voice

Cover art by Karen Lollypop

Released in September 2002
Limited edition of 300