Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Vibrö 2: The Broken Tales Issue

(Vibrö, No. 2) (France) (box set of 1 CD and 12 cards)

  1. Scanner - Opening Frame (6:02)
    Written and produced by Robin Rimbaud
    From the album 52 Spaces (Bette 001, 2002), commissioned and produced by The British School in Rome for the 90th birthday of Michelangelo Antonioni

  2. RadioMentale - Una Dolce Notte (16:54)
    Audio play by RadioMentale (Jean-Yves Leloup and Eric Pajot) [2003]
    Commissioned by the Direction des Arts Plastiques as a tribute to Federico Fellini

  3. Alejandra & Aeron - Lost Cat, Scene 4 (3:11)
    Excerpt of the "audio drama" Lost Cat, previously released as a mini-CD by Lucky Kitchen/Krabbesholm Højskole

  4. Goran Vejvoda - Wuzzy Fuzzy Quotes A (3:50)

  5. Michel Guillet - ¡LOST! (5:18)

  6. Jopo Stereo - Etude Electronique pour Violon & Marimbas (6:11)
    Photo by Mirror Project BZH

  7. Aki Onda - Eclipse (11:54)

  8. _ER__A_D_A_G_E_ - What Is Playing Is Played (3:38)
    Photo by Anne Barthélemy

  9. Serge Comte - Love Me Again More (3:18)

  10. William Furlong - Burnt Cakes (7:17)
    From Burnt Cakes, a sound work by William Furlong, commissioned by the BBC
    Recorded in the BBC 21st Century Classroom with staff and fifth-year students from All Souls Church of England primary school, London, and musicians from the Philharmonia Orchestra, London

  11. Globi - Centanfanchantan (8:03)

  12. Ryoji Ikeda - Op. 1 (2:20)
    From the album Op. (Touch Music, TO:60, 2003)

Published by
Directed by Valérie Vivancos and Rodolphe Alexis
Design direction by Malthe Sigurdsson
Includes 12 cards with pictures and artist profiles/notes

Released in 2004