Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Michel Henritzi

Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism

(w.m.o/r, 29) (Spain) (CD-R)

  1. Improvisation (10:12)
    Michel Henritzi: turntable (right channel)
    Shinichi Isohata: Gibson Johnny Smith 1965, playing acoustical (left channel)

  2. Feedback (10:17)
    Michel Henritzi: guitar (right channel)
    Bruce Russell: guitar (left channel)

  3. Independance (10:14)
    Michel Henritzi: hammer, electric saw, acoustic guitar (right channel)
    Mattin: guitar (left channel)

  4. Action Directe (9:44)
    Michel Henritzi: jack (right channel)
    Taku Unami: computer (left channel)

Michel Henritzi's tracks recorded at the Black Room, Theatre du Saulcy, Metz, October 2006
Shinichi Isohata's track recorded at Isohata's house, Kobe, September 2006
Bruce Russell's track recorded at the Temple of Music, Lyttelton, New Zealand, October 2006
Mattin's track recorded at the Burger of Christ, Berlin, October 2006
Taku Unami's track recorded at Hibari Studio, Tokyo, November 2006

Includes liner notes in English by Michel Henritzi

Released in January 2007
Limited edition of 240