Improvised Music from Japan / Discography

Yan Jun

Qiu Jiang Lu: Field Recording and Sound Diary

(Shanghai Zendai Art Center) (China) (CD-R)

  1. Qiu Jiang Lu (30:24)

    Qiu Jiang Lu Sound Diary
  2. (8:55)
  3. (10:43)
  4. (13:32)

This CD-R is a part of Yan Jun's work "Qiu Jiang Lu," which was created for the "Intrude: Art & Life 366°" project of Shanghai Zendai MoMA.

Recorded by Yan Jun in Qiu Jiang Lu, Shanghai, April 15, 2007 (1) and January 17, 2008 (2-4)
Photos by Zhu Ying and Yan Jun
Design by nowhereblue
Includes liner notes by Yan Jun in Chinese and English (translation by Frankie Su)

Released in 2008